Материал для самоподготовки по английскому языку в 8 классе

  • Настоящие времена

  1. Present Simple / Present Continuous
  2. State verbs
  3. Present Perfect Continuous
  4. Present Perfect Simple, Present Perfect Continuous
  • Прошедшие времена

  1. Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect
  2. Past Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect
  3. Would, used to
  4. Be used to/get used to
  • Будущие времена

  1. Future Continuous
  2. Future Simple/to be going to
  3. Future Perfect
  • Артикль

  1. Определенный артикль
  2. Неопределенный артикль
  3. Нулевой артикль
  • Придаточные времени и условия

  1. Придаточные времени (when, as soon as, till, untill,after, before)
  2. Conditional 0
  3. Conditional 1
  4. Conditional 2
  5. The Passive Voice (Present simple/Present Continuous)
  6. Passive Voice. Present Perfect/Past Simple/Past Continuous
  7. The Passive Voice. Future Simple/ Conditionals/ Modals
  • Придаточные причины и цели

  1. Clauses of Result So /such,So … that, such a nice day that
  2. Clauses of reason because, as, since,because of, due to;too/enough
  • Косвенная речь

  1. Reported speech. Sequence of tenses
  2. Reporting verbs. Reporting a conversation. Reported statement
  3. Reporting verbs. Questions. Orders and requests
  • Сложное дополнение

  1. Complex object (want/would like /expect/know smb to do smth)
  2. Complex object (let/make smb DO smth/be made /be allowed to do smth)
  3. Complex object (see/watch/hear/notice smb do /doing)
  • Причастия

  1. Participle 1/2 (doing/done)
  • Придаточные цели и уступки

  1. Clauses of purpose in order (not) to do smth/so as not todo/so that she can/could do
  2. Clauses of concession although/in spite of/ despite/while /whereas/even though
  • Относительные придаточные. Relative clauses

  1. Relative clauses (who/that/which/whose/where/why)
  • Noun Существительное

  1. Noun (Gender/plurals/irregular plurals/compounds/only singular/Group nouns)